Dovre Township FAQ

Noxious weeds according to MN Statute must be controlled by either
mowing or spraying with herbicide before they go to seed. Canada thistle
(other thistles too) are common noxious weeds, but that list is not
limited to thistle. Weeds can cause human irritation, livestock and pet
discomfort and field crop loss. Inspect your property and do a visual
inspection of other property as you drive on township roads. Lets keep
Dovre Township looking beautiful by controlling noxious weeds. Any
questions please Glenn Arfstrom, Supervisor 320-894-6052

When does the Town Board meet?
Monthly Meetings
Township board meetings are scheduled for the first Monday of the month. If it becomes necessary to reschedule a meeting it will be posted on the bulletin board outside of the town hall.
Meeting Time: 6:00 pm
Meeting Location: Dovre Town Hall, 3077 Co Road 27 NW, Willmar (SW corner of intersection of Highways 5 and 27).

What is the photo on the website home page?
Guri Endresen's cabin, located in Dovre Township.